Handwriting Analysis

April 1983
Soap Opera Stars

A study of this handwriting could actually be subtitled, "The Three Faces of Mike Tylo!" First, there is the actor, a man who is somewhat distant and relies strongly on his instincts rather than sitting down and figuring out what he's going to do with a part. Those instincts can carry him so deeply into a role that it takes on a life of its own. In fact, if you've seen pictures of Mike before and after creating Quint you'd swear they were two different people. The next "face", Mike Tylo the man, is totally down to earth. He is exceedingly generous to his friends, tender husband and lover, and quite content just goofing around and enjoying simple pleasures in life. The third persona is just beginning to emerge and this is Mike Tylo, the inventive genious! The pen-stroke over his name is very similar to Thomas Edison's signature - so don't be surprised it you go to the store someday and see a display of Tylo Super-Deluxe Hand-held Widgets!

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