Happy Endings

November 26, 1996
Soap Opera Update

In a way, actors are like sticks. Rub the right two together, and you get fire. Back in 1981, GUIDING LIGHT discovered that Lisa Brown and Michael Tylo were, if you will, the right sticks. The show put their characters - quirky Nola, eccentric Quint - together, and the sparks that flew made the Fifth Street fire look like the sort of modest blaze on which Girl Scouts roast marshmallows. Now, 15 years - and a slew of other soap parts - later, Brown and Tylo are back where they began, playing their characters that they set ablaze.

Understandably, the actors were a little antsy about going back to the well. What if it was dry?! "Chemistry is something you can't put your finger on," says Brown. "Michael and I wound up going, 'What was it? Do we have it now?' We realized that it's just something that exists between two people. It's like meeting the perfect person. Michael's my acting soulmate."

Their theory was borne out even in Nola and Quint's tense reunion scenes. The wronged wife was full of hurt and resentment, the philandering husband, spite and vinegar. But underneath all the hot tempers, there was...well, heat. There was fire.

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