Lovelines...Guiding Light's Nola And Quint

July, 1996
Soap Dish

It was a fairy-tale from the very beginning, yet the love shared between Nola and Quint was strong, solid and real. Nola was raised in a blue-collar boarding house, while Quint was a rich archeologist living in a mansion, yet somehow they managed to overcome those differences. Nola took a job as Quint's housekeeper and eventually became his labatory assistant, all the while harboring deep feelings for him.

Quint's adventurous lifestyle stirred the fantasies within Nola, who was a big movie buff and often pictured their lives in fantastical aspects reminesent of yesterday's films.

Yet the love shared between the two was very real, and culminated in a spectacular wedding ceremony. On the way to their wedding, Nola had to hitchhike a ride in a fire engine, leaving Quint to wonder where his bride-to-be was. She arrived just in time to say her vows. Afterward the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain soared waya in a gorgeous hot-air balloon.

Unfortunately, after living life in various far away places, Nola and Quint grew apart and she returned to Springfield, alone. When Henry Chamberlain passed away, Quint returned for the services and asked for a divorce. Though they still loved each other, time and circumstances have forced them apart. At least for now.

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