Parting Words

November 21, 1995
by Mark McGarry
Soap Opera Weekly

When Brenda Epperson Doumani announced that she was leaving the role of Ashley on The Young And The Restless, it was almost a given that Michael Tylo, who plays her husband, Blade (as well as Blade's evil twin, Rick), would be out, too. Tylo says his exit didn't come as a surprise. "I'd been contemplating it myself, and when Brenda told me she was leaving, it became kind of a mutual thing [between me and the producers]. They didn't want me and I didn't want to stay.

Tylo joined the cast in January 1992. A few months later he inked a long-term contract, but was taken off contract earlier this year. Shortly after, Doumani went on maternity leave, so Ashley and Blade went on a second honeymoon. When Doumani returned, so did Tylo, but only on recurring status.

"The only reason I came was because there was hardly anything else going on and none of the other soaps seemed to be interested," Tylo says. "I just wasn't doing enough, so now I'm glad to be almost forced to find something else to do." It's been rumored that Tylo might come back to Guiding Light as Quinton Chamberlain, now that Lisa Brown is back as Nola, but Tylo says GL has not attempted to contact him.

"Actually, it's funny, but the fan response on Rick and Blade as of late has been excited," Tylo notes. "I really don't understand...But I've never been one to go in and talk storyline with a writer because I don't get paid to do that. I get paid to make it live. If I started doing that, then they could tell me how to act."

How will the Blade/Rick saga resolve itself? Tylo says: "All I know is that one of the characters (Blade or Rick) will die."

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