Symbols Of Love

September 29, 1998
by Hope S. Breslauer
Soap Opera News

There's always something special that defines our favorite couples - and the magic they generate. Often it's a special place, but it can be as simple as a set of wine glasses or as fun as a favorite food. Whatever it is, we know when we spot the symbol, the mood is set for romance. Here, SON reminds you just what reminds our favorite couple of their deep and abiding love.

Nola And Quint's Hot Air Balloon - And The Gazebo

Quint and Nola Chamberlain had a true fantasy romance, with movie buff Nola putting herself and Quint in all kinds of old flicks in her mind. Their outdoor wedding was just as fantastic. They wed in grand style and then left in a hot air balloon. On their wedding night, they ended up at the gazebo where they'd first met, a place that always held importance to them. It was a place where Nola told Quint she was pregnant with their son. When they moved into Quint's father's house, Quint had the gazebo moved to the grounds so they could have it as their place forever.

[ed note. actually it was Henry who got the gazebo moved. Poor Quint thought someone had stolen it]

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